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Elegant glamour, compelling personality, entertains for every minute she’s on stage unconcerned with being age appropriate



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"Sandra Hale a cheeky cheery welcome challenging of stereotypes, her lines are clearly carefully written while her natural cut-glass voice and way with accents evoke memories of classic radio comedies.

Steve Bennett, Chortle, 2016


"A genial host, happy to wander off script and engage with happy heckles - certainly unique.

Fest Magazine, 2017


"Her dominatrix material had me howling with laughter.

Broadway Baby, 2017

"A combination of ballsiness and pathos. Her manipulation of the audience teaching us the trick of being charming was hilarious and chilling at the same time.

Chortle, 2017

"Outstandingly funny and an inspiration to everyone who watches her performance. She commands the stage with presence, authority and power. Somehow, we weren't expecting her beautiful executed rudeness and sexual energy. She made the room rock with laughter and is a genuinely funny lady.

Tim Dingle, L Set - London


"Sandra has headlined for Yellow Comedy on a number of occasions. Her tremendous comic ability and fantastic story telling never ceases to amaze me. Her incredible adaptability with different audiences enables her to excel at all the various venues we have run shows at. Sandra adds value to every comedy night she appears at - a true inspiration.

Andrew Carberry, Yellow Comedy

Finalist - Golden Spud, 2014

Finalist - Joker of the Year, 2015

Winner - Herts King or Queen of Comedy, 2015

Finalist - Silver Stand Up Dave's Comedy Festival, 2016

Winner - Comedy Ladder, 2016

Regional Finalist - Funny Women Awards, 2018

Beat the Gong - The Comedy Store, Manchester, 2018

Beat the Frog - The Frog and Bucket Comedy Club, 2018

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Sandra Hale



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A dangerously funny woman



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I’ll demonstrate how you can learn to successfully manipulate everyone with very little effort, guilt, and no conscience whatsoever, and whilst you may still have low self-esteem after reading this book, you won't care.


Be the person that everyone wants to see whilst hiding your true self, which let's face it, often leaves a lot to be desired.

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Too funny for her own good




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